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hello! is a new WT service that will be launched in the Hotelia exhibition (November 2016, Thessaloniki). hello! is an advanced messaging and communication platform for the HoReCa industry, whose real time functionality is provided by WT.

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HIT2GAP is an HORIZON 2020 project inspired by the smartphone Android/ IOS paradigm and aimed at developing an operating system for building energy management applications. This OS like environment (called the HIT2GAP platform) will then provide some basic functions to allow diverse applications (called HIT2GAP modules) to plug in and make use of them.

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WT launches hello! and its occupancy technology in the Hotelia exhibition, Thessaloniki (GR). As with all our pre- programmed B2B meetings visitors will have an opportunity:

  • to see the WT OCCUSENSE sensing technology in action
  • to see the new business line "hello!" for the HoReCa industry and explain how WT OCCUSENSE adds value to it
  • to see (and tell us their ideas...) our emerging behavioral technology


We will be at Section 9, Stand 11We will be also holding a small event on Friday between 19:00- 20:30.  Drop by for some small talk!



The ENVSENSE is used for environmental condition metering. However this module in its typical non weatherproof enclosure cannot be deployed in outdoor environments. To solve this problem we developed a special weatherproof enclosure. We also tested this enclosure for 12 days under harsh August conditions. The test showed that there is no difference at all in its temperature and humidity readings when compared to the classical indoor ENVSENSE. There was no greenhouse effect affecting the temperature reading nor any trapping of humidity within the weather proof box.

The figures show the temperature and humidity readings of the classical indoor version of ENVSENSE and its outdoor peer; they are exactly the same and in any case within the error range of the measurement.

In addition, the weatherproof version of ENVSENSE, suitable for outdoor applications comes at no price overhead at all.

READ MORE:Weatherproof ENVSENSE for outdoor metering

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