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1- The WT headcount sensor (WT-OCCUSENSE) [download]

Learn about this unique development, our x-low cost technology to meter occupancy in the real time in any building space

2- Measuring the U value change during retrofits [download]

Factual approach to retrofitting; the technology allows to measure how U values actually changed during a shell retrofit.  Also, this is achieved via a short monitoring protocol. Leasing option possible and welcome. Ask for a quotation.





WT BeHave is developed in the framework of the HIT2GAP project. WT BeHave is applied in spaces (offices, corridors, meeting rooms, floors, buildings etc.) with the following objectives:

  • to capture wasteful behaviour; this is referred hereafter as an 'event'.
  • to assess the event impact
  • to notify the space users on the events and their impact
  • to issue suggestions to the facility for specific meaningful energy management actions
  • to take account of user feedback and comments

WT BeHave is currently in development. it is expected to launch towards the end of '17.

Technically WT Behave will support

  • WT based sensoring; see out diverse hardware modules in WT Hardware
  • external data accessing from third party platforms such as BMS, etc.
  • HIT2GAP interoperability; this means that WT Behave will be able to input/ output data from/ to the HIT2GAP platform


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