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U value change metering (WT- UVA)

Based a non contact and non intrusive approach, by means of a lightweight sensing device that can be flexibly installed. Mounted on a servo, if so required, it can successively scan a number of points on the wall. You can check the science of the approach in the paper here.

In the picture left you can see how the surface temperature oscillation changes after a shell retrofit operation (Terrassa hospital, Spain) carried out around 20 July. After the retrofit, the oscillation is much narrower. This is a key (although not the only) parameter in the overall approach, indicative of the retrofit impact.

See the basic features of our U Value Assessment technology here.

Retrofit Analyzer (WT- RA)

WT- RA allows to evaluate to factually evaluate the impact of a retrofit by means of simple measurements that are taken for a short period of time before and after the retrofit. WT overcomes challenges such as:

  • taking account of external, weather variations
  • avoiding lengthy monitoring protocols
  • avoiding the need for complex energy sub-metering in the case of sub-building retrofits.

WT- RA is based on measurements taken during building of hours. Therefore, mot likely it will not be suitable for buildings like hospitals, etc. that work on a 24-h basis. See the basic features of our WT- RA in the prezi presentation here. You can check the science of the approach in the paper here.

Occupancy network sensor (WT- OCCUSENSE)

The device detects direction and calculates occupancy of a space with multiple points of entrance. As shown in the figure left, this is achieved by the wireless communication between all direction detection sensors and the gateway.The technology has been incorporated in the hello! business line (www.horeca21.com) offering messaging and communication services for the HoReCa industry. In hello! the WT OCCUSENSE is used to offer real time information with regard to population in spaces, e.g. the whole premise (module HOW MANY?), the WC lobby (module WC).

Besides being an integral part of hello! WT OCCUSENSE is offered also independently.

See the basic features of our Occupancy (headcount) network sensor in the leaflet here. Check the prezi presentation here.